My creative live has been sketchy and rather bare over the last four years, mostly to do with the Bundle (my four year old) but some to do with other chaos in my life. That's settled down completely and I'm working on my studio space, and trying to get back into the swing of being creative while running a household and being a full-time Mom.

I sat down and made a list of items that I want to center on for a while, to see how they go over and sell. I'm starting simple, and trying to incorporate my best artistry and my strengths, creatively. I want to populate my stores and also start planning to do craft shows, hopefully starting with one in the fall of this year.

Pendants & beaded necklaces, bracelets and brooches

I'm working on new and interesting way to feature pendants, as well as on my beading skills so that I can offer jewelry items that feature both my polymer clay beads and glass/semi-precious beads.

Fan (accordion) books
These are easy and fun. Marketed as greeting cards or fun gift tags, they'll be sold with handmade envelopes.

Covered tins
I have a great deal of fun covering mint tins. Thanks to friends who eat a lot of them and send me the tins I always have a nice supply. I cover other types of tins as well. These are great for jewelry boxes, sewing kits, all manner of different applications. They're wonderful for desk top and dresser top!

Anglican Rosaries
These are a wonderful new prayer concept, not just for Anglicans. Unlike the Catholic rosaries, Anglican rosaries do not come with a set prayer format. You are able to find or write your own set of prayers & meditations. I include a small bag with each rosary and a sheet with information on how to use this tool for prayer. Rosaries are made with glass beads, semi-precious stones, and some feature my handmade polymer clay beads as well.

I love love love to make buttons. I've been supplying a knitter in New York (Thank you, Deb!) and I would love to help out any knitters and sewers who would like handmade, coordinated buttons for their projects. My prices are reasonable, and turnaround is usually good. I also want to make up button sets to sell pre-made.

I have so many more things that I love to make and I'll probably add some in from time to time, but I think it will be best to concentrate on a few things at first, till I get back into the swing of selling, and get a feel for what sells and what people want.

I'd appreciate any comments and questions that people might have. I am working on items, when I get them made and photographed I'll do a picture post to give people a better idea of what I'm talking about.



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